YAY!!l The countdown has begun!!!

Informal kick-off in only 1 week from now! woohoo

!!! Thursday, 6th of June @ freiräumchen*, Rosa Lila Villa,  6pm  Linke Wienzeile 102 !!!

Oficial programme begins on 7th of June:
breaktfast 10 AM @ TÜWI Peter-Jordan-Straße 76,
intro & welcome session 11 AM @ TÜWI Baracke,
workshops and lectures starting 12AM @ “Oskar Simony Haus” in Peter-Jordan Straße 65 (just around the corner and across the Pater-Jordan Straße when coming from TüWi)
Programme is still in progress –> https://kvirfemactziya2013.diebin.at/?page_id=21