The actziya will be hosted by TüWi and the Frauen*referat der ÖH BoKu once again!

TüWi is a non-commercial café and sort of collective space, that hosts diverse events, usually oriented towards anti-hierarchical politics. It is frequented also by a lot of students, as it is located right next to the BoKu Wien, which is the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences here in Vienna. The “Frauen*referat der ÖH BoKu” is a feminist/women*s section of the students council at this University.

The info point and central place of the festival will be at the TüWi and in the TüWi Barracke right next to it, which is located on the corner of Peter-Jordan Straße 76 and Dänenstraße. The seminar and lecture rooms are located just across Pater-Jordan Straße in the “Oskar Simony Haus” (One of the “BoKu” University buildings in Peter-Jordan Straße 65).

Here a nice visualization how to find the festival venue in Vienna (if you want to have more context, see the embedded city map below):

The route to the festival location in Vienna







Here is an open street map showing the TüWi (in the map it is actually called “Türkenwird”), with the TüWi Baracke right next to it and the BoKu (“Universität für Bodenkultur”) just across the Peter-Jordan-Straße: