Stage Play “Little Queer Joy” & Discussion: Does queer activism exist? In which form is queer activism possible in the “post-soviet/post-socialist” space?

16:00 – 19:00 (Großer Hörsaal)
Stage Play & Discussion

FROG-Collective (Feminist Radical Occupy Group)

1. Play “A little queer-joy”
Play “A little queer-joy” is a play that shows in grotesque form that the relationships in society are controlled by rules made by defined regulations: what is the social standard and what is not. In our play we want to subvert these rules, to give the fairy heroines the possibility of other experiences, to act with our today’s local context. Beyond that, we are using the radical-feminist practice ofreframing of patriarchal und misogynic part of famous tales.

2. Discussion “Does queer-activism exist or not?”
Queer-theory as socio-critical theory is directed on deconstruction of normalization`s politics and practices in regard to gender, sexuality, body and others. The analyzing of different aspects of the social life in the context of queer theory make the mechanism of “norm”- definition construction visible. During the discussion we want to make a question what is queer-activism and how is it possible in local context, what is the connection between queer theory and praxis of opposition in activism.

Invitation Politix: Open to all
Language (play): Russian and Belorussian with translation
Language (discussion): Russian with translation