Word Body Performance

11:00 – ? (Baracke)
Performance & Workshop

Ramona Dima, Simona Dumitriu

1. Word Body, performance by Ramona Dima and Simona Dumitriu (based on poetry content belonging to the respected authors cited in the performance) is a reading/poetry recital taking place for 8 hours in public space (location to be announced), retracing a subjective trajectory of feminist and queer herstory ideas and affects starting from the beginning of the 20th century.

2. Word Body debate/workshop: We invite participants from outside Western/US territories, and especially persons from the former Eastern Europe to exchange ideas, suggestions and maybe examples on the topic of: Herstories of lesbian or women-identified persons and the archival crisis. Imagined or borrowed narratives of women after the Second World War.
Invitation Politix: Performance is open to all; the workshop is open to everybody except cis-men.

Language: English
Country: Romania, Bucharest