Creating Safer Spaces at the actziya

Some people from the kvir_feminist_collective

12:45 – 15:00 (Großer Hörsaal), Workshop

We collectively want to establish safer spaces at the kvir_feminist_actziya, which means that we want to create areas, structures, atmospheres, where we don’t want to face standard mainstream stereotypes and marginalization. In the workshop we will start with questions regarding the needs and conditions each person requires in order to feel safer. According to that we will try to find concrete structures and rules how to consider these different positions and how to share responsibilities concerning safer spaces at the actziya. We say ‘safer’ realizing that not everyone experiences spaces in the same way, so any set of guidelines established to create safety may not meet the requirements of everyone and there may be complications or lapses in fulfilling those guidelines in practice.

The aim of the workshop is to define collectively the format of the safer spaces at the actziya and to actually find an awareness team for the whole time of the festival. Thereby we want to raise awareness for intersectionality problems within safer spaces and the necessity to communicate and negotiate different positions as well as to find ways of conflict resolutions within safer spaces.

Invitation Politix: Open to all
Language: English, Russian