Should we be kvir in the Warfare Zone?

16:00 – 18:00 (EG02)

Tamara Zlobina

Discussing Euromaidan and undeclared war with Russia in Ukraine I propose to question concepts of kvir political activity and effectiveness as such. If we agree, that our context is different from a “Western” one, how can we distinguish our kvir approaches born in direct contact with our reality from those borrowed from western discourses? Should we always feel ourselves guilty for not being queer-radical enough? What does it mean to be politically kvir in a post-socialist/soviet space – try to implement some western examples (and always feel dissatisfaction from impossibility of such reproduction) or to invent strategies that are kvir and radical exactly for our context? And, a bit of bitter irony – can one kvir the war?

Invitation Politix: Open to all, but be critical towards the “fascist” label of Euromaidan, spread by Russian propaganda
Country: Ukraine/Kamenets-Podilsky