Homonationalism and its counterparts in USSR and beyond Presentation

14:00 – 15:00 (Großer Hörsaal)

Katya Sumina

As they say, queer is always white and black is always straight. Homonationalism as a concept presents valuable critique of how contemporary nation-states from the global North/West instrumentalize LGBTIQA liberal rights claims in order to reinforce global power dynamics. In other words, level of development and modernity as well as the whole legitimacy of a nation is evaluated on the basis of how this nation treats its homosexuals. Homonationalism has intimate connection with the idea of modernity, it enables “homosexuals’ question” to work as a sort of a new “women’s question”, that is, to distract attention from or to legitimize violence against nations or groups or nation-states which are perceived not modern enough. In this lecture+discussion we are going to talk about homonationalism and look how the similar tactics of instrumentalisation were used in other time periods and other context.

Invitation Politix: Open to all
Language: English
Country: Russia/Chelyabinsk