Programme in progress…

Short update: We got a lot of very interesting applications and already sent out invitations. This week we try to come up with some first schedule for the final programme. Also flyers, posters and a better website design will follow very soon. Hopefully all this info can be published here at the beginning of next week.

kvir_feminist_actziya / 6-9 june 2013 / vienna

we would like to invite all kvir_feminist activists to participate in our self organized festival kvir_feminist_actziya 2013, which will be held in vienna from 6th to 9th of june 2013.

the idea to organize a queer_feminist festival originated among a small group of migrants* from this imaginary place called (south)eastern europe, looking for a space where they could engage in a critique of the hegemony of western queer_feminist concepts and focus on self-representation, empowerment and networking. since then, people from many different contexts and backgrounds agreed to work together to organize the festival. our mutual goal is to bring together activists, artists, performers and (other) interested people from various feminist and lgbtiaqq**- spaces and regions out of (south)eastern contexts. literally, we want to create a space for debating and examining representations, differences and embedded power-relations.

this non-commercial, self-organized d.i.y festival will be held from june 6-9, 2013 in vienna. the festival is open for any formats and ideas, e.g. workshops, lectures, panel discussions,
exhibitions, concerts, parties or whatever you come up with. the organizers will work hard to create space where people feel free to meet, exchange and discuss possibilities and forms of queer_feminist activism in different contexts.

until end of april 2013 we had an open call for participation going on. a programme will be developed within the next weeks. of course it is also possible to do some spontaneous workshops/performance/lecture/action/*, or you could contact us in advance if you want to organize some event yourself.

we are also still looking for co-organizers, helpers and translators! please write us if you are interested in any of these.

in the end of course it is also possible to just drop by at the festival then.

we are really looking forward to welcoming you to vienna!

* we are aware that by now, „queer“ is a highly theoretical and academic term, which at the same time becomes more and more linked to consumerism and a certain “chic lifestyle”. nevertheless we decided to use it for our cause, to re-implement it to signify a form of fight, and to make it visible and strong again. we are also aware, that “queer” can be seen as a western hegemonic concept and that in the course of the festival it will not appeal to everyone. one of the purposes of the festival will be to discuss exactly these issues.

** lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersexual, asexual, questioning, queer